Saturday, September 15, 2007

Reading, Writing, and Germs... School must be in session!

Well, we are 2 wks into school and I think we have our first sickness. Alyssa started complaining tonight that her throat hurt. Of course, she doesn't say anything about it until we had company at about 8 pm.

Jack's brother and his wife had come for a visit. It is always nice having them come over or vice versa. They have two great little boys, Josh and Ty. Josh and Mason are about a month apart and Ty and Zander are about the same. We didn't plan either of them being so close together but it just worked out that way. They stayed for a while and we visited. Shortly afterward, Alyssa asked Jack to look at her throat. Jack is certain that she probably has strep throat. Of course, by this time, the after hours urgent care places are all closed so we will have to wait until morning.

Also, my father in law called tonight. Jack's sister's poor little guy has had more problems in the first year of his life than anyone I know. He has had open heart surgery, been on oxygen and had to have surgery to divide his two middle fingers on both hands. Turns out that one of them is badly infected. Jack went with his dad to the hospital to help give the little guy a blessing. I feel so bad for Jack's sister, Chrisy. They have been through so much this year. We love them and hope things get better.