Friday, October 24, 2008


Daxton is getting so big! Here is some of my favorite pictures of him:

So much has been happening with our family. In August, we went to a family reunion in Idaho. We stayed in Mack's Inn which is just past Island Park. Here is the cabin we stayed in:

We drove up on a Friday night and met my parents there. Saturday morning we went for breakfast with my dad's family who has a beautiful cabin in Island Park. It was fun to see family that we rarely see and to let the kids play. Poor little Dax had a terrible time.

After breakfast, Jack and the kids went with my aunt and uncle and their family to float a river. I stayed back at the cabin with my mom, dad and Dax since the river float was about a 3 hour trip. They had a great time. Mason only fell in the river twice on accident and 3 times on purpose! He is a silly kid. When they got back, we roasted hot dogs outside our little cabin.

No, Zander is not drinking Diet Pepsi. We rinsed out the bottle and gave him water.

That night we went back to the Island Park cabin for dinner and games. Daxton cried most of the time and I spent a lot of time in the house while everyone else was outside. We ended up leaving a little early because he was having such a hard time. We didn't know then why he was struggling so much but now know it is because he is allergic to dairy. Things have gotten much better now.

Sunday morning, we drove up into Yellowstone. We saw a big moose almost immediately after entering the park so we had to get out to look at him.

Not long after the moose sighting, we discovered a big buffalo walking on the street. I took this picture standing on the front seat of the van with my head and camera sticking out the sunroof.

The kids had a ton of fun. We got out at several places to look at geysers and other little walks that were marked off.

Here is part of the group waiting for Old Faithful to blow. There is Jack (with the goofy face), Daxton (sitting on Jack's lap), Grandma Terrie, and Alyssa.

And here is Old Faithful. She is still pretty faithful!

We spent the rest of the day driving home. We came back through Jackson Hole, WY. Over the course of Friday to Sunday, we drove through Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Not bad to do 4 states in 3 days. By the time we got home we were pretty tired of being in the car but it was a nice little trip before school started again.

The next day was Alyssa and Mason's first day of school. Here they are standing out in our front yard just before we walked over to the school:

Alyssa standing out by where her class lines up:

And her walking in to class, getting ready to shake her teacher's hand. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Ball and she is a delightful woman from Great Britain. I could listen to her accent all day!

Here is Mason standing outside where his class lines up:

And waving goodbye to mom as he walks in for his first day!

The following week, my little Zander started preschool. These are the only pictures he would let us take.

Zander has preschool two days a week and he is loving it. We are so proud of all our kids.